Fee Assistance

Patrons can apply to receive fee assistance for our programs by completing a Financial Assistance Application that can be found at your neighborhood recreation center or from the Registration and Reservation Office at the Lee Administration Building located at 1108 Jefferson Street.  Patrons that receive a government subsidy and/or those who have low to moderate income through disability or retirement, can automatically qualify to receive fee assistance.   Where none of the above applies to a request, assistance can still be granted by attaching a written statement to the Financial Assistance Application stating why help is needed and the amount of help you are requesting.

When the Recreation Center is notified that assistance is needed we apply discounts for the following subsidies:

  • Free and Reduced Lunch:     40%
  • SNAP:     50%
  • TANF:     70%
  • Senior Discount:     20%

Again, patrons can still request additional help for fee assistance even when discounts have been applied to those who receive subsidies. Please contact the Recreation Center Director, Debbie Woodbury, for additional information or assistance.


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