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You can participate in or provide feedback to the Charles Houston Advisory Council!

Charles Houston Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a group of local and concerned volunteers providing input and support to Rec Center staff on the facility and its programs. The Council advises staff on the types of recreation services and facilities desired by the local community and helps to promote the available programs for all age groups.

Our Mission

Make the Charles Houston Rec Center a safe, healthy and vibrant social center for our neighborhood serving the needs of all our local residents.

When We Meet

The Advisory Council meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7PM at the Rec Center. The monthly meeting is open to all local residents.  We value your time and try to keep all meetings under 1 hour. You can find the meeting schedule (and other events) by visiting our public calendar. If you’re interested in being added to the mailing list, send along your info using the “Contact Us” page.

Get Involved

We all have the ability to work at local level to create positive social change in our community. Please join us to give input or follow our efforts. We are always looking for volunteers to engage at the board level or lead/participate on ongoing projects. Please come to a meeting to see if you have an ongoing interest.

Do you have a background in marketing or communications? We need your help! We are seeking either a volunteer or an intern to work with the Advisory Council to provide outreach support. Find more info here!

Raising Money for New Programs and Facility Upgrades

The Charles Houston Advisory Council is a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization. As such we have the ability to engage in fundraising to support or establish recreation center programs and facility improvements at the community level.

Current Board Members

Tami Smith – President

Tavares Floyd – VP

Dara Shen – Secretary

Our Current Project Priorities

1. New Website – Establish better awareness of programs and facilities through a new website.

2. Teen Center – Design and upgrade the Teen Center to be an attractive updated draw for local teens.  Work with Charles Houston Rec staff and volunteers to provide ongoing enrichment activities at the new Teen Center

3. Better Open Space – Redesign the open space in front of pool to be an open multipurpose space for teen and adult activities including tables, benches, and a more open activity area.

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